The Lombardo Story
by Beverly Fink Cline

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The Lombardo Story, Guy Lombardo and The Royal Canadians, the band's life and times, by
Beverly Fink Cline, is an eBook re-issue of a 1979 book published by Musson Book Co., a
division of General Publishing, Toronto, Canada.

Featuring an introduction by Lebert Lombardo, the book is written with co-operation by
members of the Lombardo family, who spoke on many occasions with the author (whose
grandfather was a childhood friend of Guy, Carmen and Lebert Lombardo) and provided
her with photographs from their personal collections.

The Lombardo Story also features reminiscences and photographs about other legendary
performers, songwriters and venues, contributed by other band members, friends and fans.
These memories range from stories about Louis Armstrong, John Jacob Loeb, the Roosevelt
Grill, the Waldorf-Astoria, Guy's speedboating victories, to, of course, the band's longtime
association with the song Auld Lang Syne and New Year's Eve.

The book features an introduction from the late Lebert Lombardo, an excerpt of which follows:

Dear Friends,

Reading this book has brought back so many memories of my years so far as a Royal
Canadian. Looking back on the beginnings of the band, it seems incredible that my
brothers and I, four boys from London, Ontario, could get so far in the music business.
But we did and it's been great! We've had such exciting moments and met such great
people. Through all our travels so many kind people have come to hear us and dance
to our music.

My brothers and I were blessed enough to all be in the same band. Mama and Papa
saw to that as they saw to so many other things. We only hope that through our music
we were able to give them back some of the love and happiness they gave to us.

The years have been good to me. I'm still a Royal Canadian and I love playing night
after night and meeting our fans. We go onstage every night with the same
objective that Guy, Carmen, Victor, and I have always had ... we just want to play
good music and make our fans happy.

I think you will like this book. I know I did!
Lebert Lombardo

About The Author

Beverly Fink Cline (also writing as Bev Cline) is a writer and editor based in Toronto, Canada. She is the author of six books for adults and four books for children published by major publishers. Her books are in the areas of biography, history and business. Bev is a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada, Canadian Freelance Guild (Writers) and CANSCAIP (Canadian Society of Children's Authors Illustrators and Performers).

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